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                领导致辞 / Leader’s Oration





                       鉴往知今,事业规模日益扩大、肩上责任日益加重的我们,必须居安思危样子,必他又有些为难须高瞻远瞩@ ,努力练好内功,推进转型升级和全面跨越发展:必须顺应时代与企看到如此多如此巨大业发展,不断优化可今天有我在持续发展的战略思路、优化保镖之内产业经营结构,适时引进现代企业集团管理理念与体制,注重先进的企业文化建设,着力实施明显品牌、人才和“走出去”发展战略,倡导科技创人之中新,为高质低碳、节能环保积▓极引入新材料、新技术、新工艺……


                Chairman:Yaoneng Lv

                Started from a rural construction team to become an enterprise that has the credit of Special Grade National Housing Construction General Contractor, the company has went through an entrepreneurial journey for half a century, and all the staff stand together through storm and make unyielding efforts. Looking back over the years, the direction of progress is clearer, the pace of development is more determined.

                These years, our company is the first one who won the "Luban Prize Of China Construction Engineering" among the building enterprises in the north of Zhejiang Province. That is the highest honor of construction Industry in China. We won the titles of National Excellent Construction Enterprise, Top 100 China's Construction Industry Growth Enterprises and Construction Megacorporation In Zhejiang Province, which are rewarded for our insistence with the faith of "Construction of high-quality architecture, Honesty established Jujiang brand".

                With a passion for construction and the spirit of facing the difficulties, with the courage of observing and the thought of forging ahead with determination, Jujiang finally ushered in a good period of rapid development. We implement our own development, in the meantime, the city become better in our efforts. We are deeply gratified and proud, while loving the business more. Now, we are moving toward a higher goal, The development of the enterprise Is getting a fresh start.

                Learn from the past experience, our duty increased with the growing scale of enterprise. We must look far ahead from a high plane, strive to practice good exercise to benefit the Internal organs and promote the transformation and upgrading of leaping development. We must adapt to changing times and enterprise development, and constantly optimize the sustainable development strategy, optimize the industrial structure, timely introduce of modern enterprise management philosophy and system, pay attention to construct the advanced enterprise culture, adhere to the "brand, talents, and go-out" development strategy,promote scientific and technological innovation, introduce new material, new technology and new process actively for good quality and Low-Carton ,energy saving and environmental protection.

                In order to create a higher quality of fine project for more clients, to become the top construction contracting enterprise in the domestic, and to achieve the vision of "reliable partner for customers, second home for our employees, lop corporation for society" t we must be enthusiastic to lay a sold foundation and gather more strong development momentum.We sincerely look forward to welcoming the bright future with our customers and friends from all over the world.